The purpose of this web-based initiative is to explore, ponder and attempt to explain a seemingly unique temporal (time-related) nexus (linkage), connecting two specific time periods of equivalent duration:  the years 1968 and 2001.

The anatomy of the alleged anomaly is one wherein creative theatrical elements, emerging from the realm of 1968 pop culture (particularly science fiction films and series), seem to manifest in the real world 33 years later, which is to say, in 2001.  Most of the synchronisms thus far cataloged appear to revolve around the subject of asteroids, comets and meteors or the theme of planetary bombardment by these celestial bodies (known collectively as bolides).

Although the possibility of coincidence cannot be ruled out in any isolated instance, when considered collectively, the greater the number of clear-cut synchronisms, the more difficult it becomes from a purely probabilistic perspective to credibly claim happenstance.

Each reader will need to decide whether or not the specific nature and number of the examples cited objectively constitutes a genuine phenomenon, which is to say, a unique series of synchronous temporal events whose existence exceeds the boundaries of coincidence.

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Exploring the 1968/2001 Temporal Nexus